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Delivering Results

  • Optimize supply chain and stock tracking to achieve more profit
  • Analyze customer behavior to create personalized consumer experiences
  • Extract actionable insights to inform operational decision-making
  • Attract more sales in both online and in-store with real-time price-optimization

Our Solutions

Customers’ demands are increasing day-to-day and retailer should race to adapt to the consumer habits. Data Ecommerce Solutions is providing its clients with proven technology solutions to develop and manage brands and channels to help them deliver a more personalized customer experience that fosters loyalty. Many retailers are working with us to gain the advantage of our domestic and international experience to deliver a unified experience across offline and online channels.

Whether it’s in-store or on the sales floor, Data Ecommerce Solutions experts can help our retail clients harness advanced, accurate data analytics to give powerful solutions for micro-location marketing, proximity and sales assistance. We also help you optimize the online catalog searches with Machine Learning algorithms and provide you with results based on the user’s preferences. Having access to the real-time stick control, the retailers partnered with us have been enjoying the reduced inventory error, decreased labor costs and optimized supply chain management.

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