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Choose to lessen your enterprise security by securing your crucial data at a lower operation cost/ building cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial tools for your online business and can be quite detrimental if left overlooked for long. We have taken our service to a whole new level by providing round-the-clock protection to your organization with full transparency.

We constantly reinforce our cybersecurity services by monitoring threats and 24/7 consulting service. Our team is equipped with expertise in cybersecurity and has the ballistic capability to secure your business by building a dynamic security system that is worth minimizing the risk of your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

A thorough assessment of the vulnerability of the IT foundation is one of the most crucial security assets of every organization. Our expert team at Data Ecommerce Solutions, provides perpetual service of assessing the vulnerability.

Attack Simulation

We suggest you test the real response through attack simulation, and we say it because our well-structured attack simulation can stand and act to real-life threats. We are also capable of making necessary decisions for the betterment of your network security.

Penetration Testing Services

At Data Ecommerce Solutions, we provide you mobile application services along with extensive security testing services. We test your applications under extensive scenarios and give maximum security exposure to the servers and to all the internal data. With our expert security team and well-managed infrastructure facilities, we have been successful in delighting our customers by providing world-class security services.

Web Auditing & Forensic Analysis

There is no doubt that hacking has become more of an everyday occurrence nowadays. At high-profile organizations well-equipped with security systems, data can be misused that can affectively falter the reputation. We provide a web auditing scanning service and a detailed report on hazards, potholes, and necessary steps to recover them.


Data Protection & Recovery

We at Data Ecommerce Solutions offer a detailed solution that is conducive to protect and recover the data and further lowering the risk of losing the data. You must know that in the event a commercial website goes missing for several hours, it can cause a substantial loss to the business. We are delighted to declare that at Data Ecommerce Solutions we ensure backup and recovery of our client's data. We also provide certain benefits of no downtime, and we have made it possible through our advanced snapshot mechanism.

Managed Security Services- SOC

We at Data Ecommerce Solutions are well-equipped with skilled technicians provides a consolidated platform by providing round-the-clock service. It is this consolidated platform that monitors, evaluates, diagnoses, and finally prevents the cybersecurity system. The SOC is a foundation that has been built on the pillars of various aspects such as innovation, infrastructure, process, and people is destined to secure the organization to putting light on the network vulnerabilities and further addressing it. To ensure that we cope with ever so dynamic threat scenario, we outsource SOC from world-class experts and further infuse it into your cybersecurity system to help it protect it from cyber breaches.

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